Sunday, July 15, 2012

Change your life, Read more signs

A friend shared this blog post...and wow, WHAT A's life-changing.  I do *try* to read between the lines when I see and talk to people...but little aggravations can make compassion and thoughtfulness non-existent.  What would my sign say?  What would your sign say?  I know I will be much more aware of *signs* and will make this a minute-by-minute goal.  Thanks VivaLaDiane for sharing the link....and thanks to Melody for sharing her story.
 We Must See Past What It Seems

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Tomorrow or Friday depending on when these ripen up I will can some salsa!  These are from the last 4 days and we have been eating at least 2 a day for lunch! 

Last week I made 13 half-pints of spicy tomato tastes like spicy ketchup that's spreadable and I made mine really hot.  It IS so good....

I hope spaghetti sauce is next week!