Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Don't get me started...well, too late!

I'll get myself together and tell my Breast Cancer story one day soon...BUT for now, let me tell you that SELF BREAST EXAMS save lives, like mine! Please do not follow the new government findings (about mammograms at 50, and self exams do not work)! I was 36, with no history of cancer of any kind in my family. I breast fed 4 kids and was told it was stopped up milk ducts, but I insisted it was more (I felt a lump), I wanted to be sure (those 'feelings', y'know). I was diagnosed with End Stage3/Beginning Stage 4 BC and all lymph nodes on left side were removed. My insurance did everything they could, I had fantastic doctor (Hi, Dr. Puckett) and awesome nurses (Hi Linda H and Jenny), and I also joined a clinical trial. (Mastectomy, stem cell, high-dose chemo, radiation and 7yrs of Tamoxifen and more stuff, but I am writing in a hurry). I had nothing to lose but my life. Thank GOD. I am a 14plus year survivor. If anything, all women need a baseline mammogram in their early 20's, use the self-exam and learn your body.

If women follow the 'new' guidelines much cancer will be undetected until too late. We must be a reminder to each other...

The American Cancer Society is the best source for information right now.

And WHY were we paying a government committee to look into this and I wonder how many BC survivors were on the committee and what kind of insurance do they have (the free kind that government employees get)?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Glitter and Swapping!!!!

Hey ...wanna win some fab Martha Stewart glitter sets...well, check out Swap-bot and join a swap...there are so many great swaps and talented crafters here...I am sure you can find a swap you just HAVE to participate in...I am in this one right now and contemplating quite a few more! Or join Rachel in her swap, Holiday Fun Matchbox Swap...there is something for everyone!
Read about the contest here.

Have some holiday fun...and play with us! I am Sew Southern on Swap-bot.

Thank You Veterans


Please read this post...awesome and worthy, and uplifting, and informative.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

She lives.

My favorite living writer/poetess/artist and her blog ...
Go. Enjoy. and Encourage her bad behavior.


I Salute you.


Thank you , men and women, for serving our country. Thank you for sacrificing more than you ever thought you would. Thank you for giving it your all day after day.
THANK YOU and may God Bless You Always.

Special prayers and thoughts to our US ARMY family (and families)in Texas.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Move over Betty Crocker

Look what I got! and I am armed and ready to use it! I wonder if I'm missing anything not having the First Edition?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Dear Bloggy Blog

I haven't forgotten you...but I do think you spend too much time in my brain trying to convince me to put my unimportant words on you...and so I caved. Here I am with some unimportant words and some that are really , really informative.

I made chocolate bread with Ruby today. She and I spent a few quick minutes together creating some fabulous chocolate bread. Her working her magic on (real) butter and sugar and me watching in awe. Ruby is my KitchenAid mixer. I really love her! Here is where we got the recipe and inspiration...

and here is a really bad pic of delish choco bread. The next time I make this, I think I will add pecans and maybe go with a lighter hand with the sugar topping!
(My oven is a monster (and I mean that in a mean and nasty way), thus too browned on top, but the rest was perfect.
I found my Saturday project to get me in the groove...a fast way to make a little quilt and get my mojo started again...I have been slagging....

I have been playing's fun and if you play and need a neighbor, let's be friends! I need neighbors!

Tomorrow is Hog Happenin' here in these parts...
last BBQ of the season..., looks like lots of fun.

...and our Kings Mountain part of the Gateway opens tomorrow...I love trails and these are so nice to walk...come join us!

my dorky life ... sigh