Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Have a Happy Halloween

I have been busy here, too busy. We have our first frost and lots of stuff going on...have been working on my quilts, tho.
I am including this site with the blog thoughts...been thinking about this a lot. Please read...


Have a wonderful day, y'all...be on soon with quilts to show ...and the twins are here...are a week old...more to come, of course!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Things sure change quickly

I am in a bit of a fibro flare right now, so my head does not work properly...but I am an official grandmother now...the twins are here and they are perfect little baby girls and no I have not seen them yet (damn fibro)...but I will get there soon!

I have worked on and finished 2 of my UFO quilts and will be working on a finishing 2 more this week...hopefully the 'fog ' will clear out of the head for me to show you some awesome leaf shots I got today from my trip to Ashevolle...the colors are fantastic!

I have a feeling this week will be a fine bitch session and a raving report of little girls!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Please excuse
the crappy layout,I still don't know how to do some stuff...





I Simply





There are




...goodness is what it will take for me to explain WHY I have so many unfinished (UFO"S) quilt tops....

My top 10 reasons:

  1. I am easily bored.

  2. I put too much on my plate (y'know the thing when you were a kid and you piled food on your plate, only to find after 4 bites, you were FULL

  3. I must have ADD, (2 of the 4 boys do, I inherited it)

  4. I rebelling against my mom and dad (they would be apalled)

  5. I forget...nuff said.

  6. It's easier to watch tv doing a new project than to watch tv finessing a project.

  7. I have no floor space to lay out and sandwich larger items w/o Jiffy (the cat) or Keera (the husky-mix) from deciding they LOVE it and have to check it out...and then stay on it....had a few where I layed out to finish and Jiffy decided to make them his he took a pee...bad, bad kitty and he NEVER does that except on those projects!

  8. I procrastinate, that's different from forgetting.

  9. My binding skills are not up to (my) par.

  10. I like having a future (I cannot die with things left to do, right?)

In all actuality, this makes me sad. Some people have seen these and are waiting on them, a few for YEARS!

There are 2 of some of these, and there are some I know I have, but couldn't find, and there are also some other crafty sewing projects that need finishing (I love my serger)...and I am really scared to look in the sewing room closet or on the wall shelves...unh, unh, NOT today.

I get plenty of other things done, including some quilts that I give away. I do well under pressure and a deadline....so what EVIL has gotten hold of me? I don't even like half of these quilt tops anymore, that's how old some of these are...my tastes and skills have changed. So my goal for each month is to knock out 3 of these until they are done...just in time for Christmas, and beyond....but I saw some really cute stuff to make for Christmas and the twins are due, and my National Guard son may want a blankie from home, and my nieces love batiks (as do I), and.....oooooh, I need a sedative, and maybe some counselling. I dare ya to actually take pics of your UFO's and see if it's not just a little freaky...let me know how may you have.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Don't miss this!

If you are near Asheville this weekend.....
Please visit this site and check out the wonderful things and beautiful pics of the 'saved' wolves and part wolf breeds. These people do an amazing things...and you get to be a part of it!

Have a wonderful day>

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A little fall

We have a really nice lake and hiking area here in my small town. I went to walk the other day and there was NO ONE there but me, walked around lake twice and had to go to bathroom...but Ichickened out because the rest rooms were way in the woods (nice and clean), I mean very isolated and I scared my self thinking of all the horror movies of girls by themselves , if I had any brain I would have realized that they (monsters) only attack teen girls. So I drove back home to the potty.

The day was beautiful!!! I saw a turtle, a duck amongst a lot of geese who were in a very shallow part of the lake. There is a drought going on and they mucking through the mud. I spotted a few spiders, a few lizards and teeny tiny frog, and on the pier some small fishies, all at the top trying to find food...there were no bugs! The weather is hurting ALL of us. Praying for rain.
My favorite time of year. I am even starting to love it here, OK, maybe not love, but definately LIKE...I sure do miss the mountains. The hiking is great and the history of this area is awesome, so much to learn about stuff I thought I already knew (Revolutionary War, etc). Crowder Mountain...steep rock inclines, great trails that wind way up and then way down. Cliffhangers, I mean, rock climbers come and have 'maja' tests here. NICE. and scary....DO NOT look over the edge.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ok , I have to embrace the 'pink'

As a breast cancer survivor of 10 years plus, I am finally into pink. NOT because of BC...but because I have a 2yo instant granddaughter (after having 4 boys and no regular girlfriends of said boys) and my oldest son Patrick is expecting twin girls at any moment (still, the wait, Ohhh, the wait). I have never liked pink...unless it was with orange or red, meshed together in Peter Max style....but NOW I look at everything pink....and PINK is everywhere! I feel kinda awkward at this age doing pink, and it has driven the grandmother thing closer to home.

And speaking of other colors, I always loved red and purple together, when I was 20...I had red and purple pumps! Now I have a hard time with red and purple because of the Red Hat Ladies (don't get me wrong, it's a very cool group). Now that I am almost in the requirement age of the 'ladies', I am no longer enamored with red/purple....hmmmmm.

I used to do a lot of red and black but now I'm reminded of Nascar, I used to do turquoise and purple, but now that's like every NEW sports team in the past 5 years...it goes on and on, I seem to have some color re-evaluating to do. What other combined colors remind you of things?

Monday, October 8, 2007

chchchanges...if I could only sing

OMGoodness...Jamey is off to boot camp in Missouri...it's so cold there (compared to here). He seems ready and resigned, NUT! ...and the babies aren't here yet, Steph is still having contractions and I still have to finish baby quilts...and I think my puppy (read old) Keera is sick, we'll have to go to vet this week.
I am also a Breast Cancer survivor of over 10 years...I have in the past few years developed Fibromyalgia and it ain't pretty, it hurts and I also have Osteoarthritis and I'm not that old..no wonder I have age issues. Anyway I found an awesome site today that lets us do a virtual walk for BC, and that works so well for me! Here is the link https://www.galtogalwalk.org/
Please check it out and walk with us..this is actually a 'fun' walk, no sweat!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Some catch up...some fall behind...and some....

Finally, I started the blog thing...my kids are scattered and want info and news and my friends are scattered and won't call me and my family is nosey...so folks here ya are -

The twins may come at any time...Steph's having contractions...Patrick is nervousing and I am SSSSSOOOOOO
EXCITED! Soon we will have 2 baby girls...woohoo!

Jamey leaves for National Guard Boot Camp tomorrow...yes, i said Jamey...more about that later....

I have all kinds of stuff in my head right now, fibromyalgia, quilting, evolution, insomnia, job hunting, high schoolers, post-high schoolers, grandmothers, FOOD, fall weather, herbs, ...

OK, off to eat and figure out how the rest of this works!