Monday, August 17, 2009

I am such a stinker!

I have a friend (I won't call her out - Sandra) that told me over 5 years ago to just splash some Pine Sol around the house before my hubby came home and he would think I had been cleaning and working all every once in a while I do that and it does make his mood lighter when he gets home...well, this weekend I got sucked into watching all the drama on Big Brother and haven't done hardly any cleaning, so I decided to take Monday off, and go window shopping and maybe a little walking and have a cup of joe at the new coffee shop.

Came home and realized 'he' would be home in 10 I grabbed my Pine Sol and rubbed down the doorknobs in every smelled like I had cleaned all day! and yes , his mood was awesome as soon as he walked in even though the house is a wreck! I am lying in bed last night and I cannot stop giggling about the 'trick' and he's asking me what's going on...and I just mumbled my day was funny and gals gotta try this sometime... (my house is not filthy, there are some areas that need a good scrubbing but I do that like on a binge cleaning week, then I forgo it till next binge cleaning house is always in a craft uproar though...and I really need some TRICK MIRRORS to take care of that problem!

Who are you? do do, I really wanna know.

School starts next Monday so Zach and I decided we better start getting up and getting our schedules adjusted...I decided to take a walk every morning starting today. I ended up walking a mile toward my little town and then walking the mile back...and this is what I saw on my way home...

I had no idea that we had a CSI unit...fabulous! I *think* I am more fascinated that my little town can support this, than I am wondering what the heck is happening in the house they were parked in front of (yes, I know I ended my thought with a prepositon). I'll find out the story later...nothing goes unsaid here in my town!

My 'Mr. Greenthumbs ' has had a fabulous time with his tomatoes this of right now I have over 45 3" tomatoes on my counter. We have given the neighbors some and we have eaten tomatoes for every meal for 3 weeks. I don't want to can them because I don't have a canner this year (I always used my mom's, wait, that's a lie, she always canned most of them for tomatoes be used as any kind of fabric dye? hmmmm.....

I have a few projects midway so I don't want to show them yet...but I did finish 4 throw pillows for Kaylin's bed or chair in her room...denim with some neat yarn sewn on...didn't want to get too fancy because she changes her mind a lot about her decor.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big Brother making me crazy....more later when the delayed/pretaped live show is seen...why buy feeds if they change the good stuff...wahhhhhh!...just bugging this is hopefully an awesome day on BB...Love the cutey Jeff and Jordan...and hope Jesse gets the boot!

Yay!!!! Jesse is gone and now to clean out some other varmints...go Michele, Jeff and Jordan!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

a little project

... for Kaylin and to see if my hands would work...they did, but I didn't get as detailed as I plan to do when I make some more! These 'abc's' were fun to make. Tutorial and other great stuff at
Happy Together. They really turned out cute...I made upper and lower case letters...mine are small and want to make bigger ones next!

100th post pictures

...of the is so hard to get pics of them...