Thursday, July 23, 2009

I only have a few minutes on this cool machine

My computer is down...but I am using my son's super-duper gaming, lots of funky gadgets on here...his keyboard lights up...right now it's blue, but can be 3 other colors...not to mention a monitor as big as the desk...and this mouse is really's fascinating...but not to get sidetracked. I put all 4 names in a bowl...and Zach drew ...and the winner is.....


Congrats, my friend and I will get it out to ya in the next week! I loved your thankful thoughts and they were more for you than me because lots of times we forget to be thankful every day! I also have a few more books to give I'll do this for a month or so ... family and friends give me things and sometimes I already have it or I just don't 'do' it (can't risk hurting their feelings) I must share.

Have a great day and it will be 4 to 6 days now before i get MY computer husband asked if i was having the DT's yet...


Monday, July 20, 2009


My hand has gone a little crazy and I have not been able to do much of what I'd like to do...but I have done some things I have been putting off...such as cleaning out books and magazines, shopping, daydreaming, bossing the boys around, changing my diet, welcoming a new baby, saying goodbye to wonderful people (a few sweethearts have passed), getting surprise visits from my grandgirls, and my parents...and lots more stuff. I am trying to get back to better-than-normal here, so hopefully putting myself on a schedule will help my fuzzy brain!

To 'celebrate' my week of crappy prednisone (yep, the dreaded prednisone, probably prescribed because I laughed at my husband when he had to take it just a few weeks ago, paybacks are he**), I am giving away a new book that I received but do not need. It is a great book and sure to be wanted by many of you! Here's how I want to work it...TELL me something you are thankful for and I will add your name to the pot and draw for the Seams to Me book by Anna Marie Horner on Thursday morning. Please be sure to leave me with an email address or way to contact you. Good luck!!!!! and I hope you win!!!!! **Karen**