Monday, May 26, 2008

With much gratitude

On this Memorial Day, I have taken the time to reflect on my family members and friends who have served my country. I always wonder what makes a person choose this life. I wonder no more. They are born to others are born to be the opposite. Our paths are all different, but we must follow our path for our own peace.

I have 4 sons. A Marine that will be back at Camp LeJeune within the month. He has been to Iraq once and knows he will be going again. He has a beutiful wife and 3 daughters. He was born to be a Marine. I have a National Guard son. He is still in trainng. His best friend leaves in January for a tour in Iraq. My other 2 sons have not chosen their path yet (young) but they will and I hope whatever they choose it will be with much conviction. My grandfather fought in 2 wars and has passed. My uncle was an Air Force fighter. Many friends of mine have sons and husbands and brothers who have fought the fight.

I honor all service men and women today. They make my life liveable.


Friday, May 23, 2008

It's a beautiful 'thang'

...when a friend says do a pattern and it turns out as easy and cute as she said it would be!

go look at hers...they are so neat. The pattern is Hexagon Star tabletopper from the Jan/Feb issue of Fons and Porter's "Love of Quilting". Mine is not bound yet and I had a hard time right at first...BUT it was BLONDE error. Once I saw my mistake it was a breeze and cute...I just used some fabrics that were in my scrap bin...I may make some matching potholders and gift it!

I finished it ... now to make a few potholders to go with it.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My reason for being...Happy Mother's Day

Having 4 boys has been a hoot

(and still is, especially when they are all together).

In HS, one of my BFF's wanted 10 kids, another

of my BFF's wanted 2, and I wanted 0 (nada, zip, none).

I had big plans, I was going to move to NYC and be a

working girl (I was into drafting), I was going to walk

my dog in Central Park and meet a ton of cool guys

and say NO to them all and break their little hearts.

Funny how things work out. I wasn't the first to get married,

I DID do the 'break their hearts' to a few guys...BUT then one

got me and yep, I was taken...I'll tell that story another time.

I do have more kids than my HS buds and I do enjoy being a

MOM...more verbally than my HS and college friends...and

they still find that hilariously ironic and amusing.

So on to Mother's Day....this pic is the 'best' professional pic of

the family boy pics we have, IMO...because hubby decided to surprise

me with this one...I had gone to a training thing for work and he

had this done while I was gone. He had a PLAN...all in jeans and reds,

what he didn't plan on because he wasn't aware of the 4-boy dynamic,

was the time and energy, coaxing, and pleading it would take to

get one good pic (he thinks it never came, I do). Apparently this took

4 HOURS to get...they were fussing, and picking at each other and it shows

...that's why it's my favorite. Patrick looks defeated and surely wants to leave,

Jamey has given way to giggling, Mike was (and still is) always smiling,

and Zach was having a rather good day...he wasn't sleeping.

I so LOVE these guys and this is who they are! So different, fun, and wierd.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


my main toilet just overflowed...egads, I hate that up and mopped and cleaned the whole bathroom, went to kitchen to make dinner, pulled my ceramic roaster off top cabinet shelf but a rubber footed bowl stuck to it (I'm short and didn't see it)...roaster shattered into a million pieces and I'm barefoot...cleaned that up, did supper, went to put all icky wet stuff in washer...washer is acting funny....

...came to sit and spill my guts...

I've been bit in the butt because I unnecessarily went off on the 2 boys...well, they should have been quietly told what I needed to tell them, but I let their snarly teen attitude turn my demeanor into a raging warpath warrior...and payback is messy and dirty.

I'm going to park my self into the rocker and watch tv. all night.

2 NEW Books for Me

I made my menu plan..and grocery list, I will
be trying out Sandra Lee's crock cooking this week...
I have an awful 'itch' to make Altho she and her mom
are just zooming thru them, I hope she will be on call if I get
STUCK...are ya listening Jen?
I did start and make most of this in 2 days last week..then
I had an idea about the back...but didn't work so I am
going to try and get this finished tonite. It is to go over
the mantle in the den...the colorless (brown) room. I did
a lot of out-of-my-comfort-zone stuff with this and altho
it's nowhere near perfect...I LIKE it and I will be happy to
put it on my wall (maybe that's why they used to be
called the'rumpus' room) in the den, the comfy room.