Friday, January 23, 2009


A giveaway announcement...Corrinne at Heart of Mary,
is having a fabulous giveaway...a couple of very nice patterns...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting back to normal

It's kitchen cleaning week here...I have a clean fridge and a clean oven...tomorrow...I will work on the floors and then Friday...I am emptying out all the cabinets and re-arranging...I can't reach half the stuff I need because tall people put it I will adjust the kitchen to me!

We had a wonderful Christmas...full of loud, smiling, laughing grown-ups and babies and all ages in between...did I say LOUD?...It has been a hard week adjusting to so little noise...I miss noise and little bodies in my way and under my feet!

Today I made a cover for something I got for Christmas (specially picked out by my DIL, the cover was so easy and I made it in less than 30 I still have to hem it...after I decide if I am going to add a pocket and/or embellish it with 'something'. This is the pattern I used I also still need to press it.

THIS is what my cover covers...I finally got one and I will be making bread tomorrow...for the first use of my much coveted Kitchenaid mixer in RED!!!!

...and now for what makes me a NUT...I found some purple fingernail polish that I actually LIKE....not too dark, not too light...just right!