Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's a LUCY week...

Keera is doing sooo much better...Saturday morning I got up early and tidied up around house, had to work for 4 hours and so I got dressed early too...an hour before I needed to be at work I decided to check on Keera and feed her, put medicine on her incision and get her comfy until I could get back home...I noticed fresh blood coming from bottom of her incision, red and swollen around incision...Dr had told me if that happened to just bring her on in to office, SO I grab my stuff and a blankie, decide to take Kim's Jeep Cherokee. Kim offers to go with me, but I figured ..hey, no prob, she just needs checking and probably some bandages and antibiotics, so Keera and I are off to the vets...we get there, we go in, lots of animal visiting the vet Saturday, but Keera obviously felt bad cause she mainly ignored all creatures and stood ready to bolt out front door first chance she got...we waited 30 minutes and then it was our turn...kinda had to drag her into room, but I understand...Dr was so nice and sweet, feels she doesn't need antibiotics, just CortAid and food and some way to keep her from biting her incision. She gave her a dose of anti-inflammatory ....it is to make her less itchy, help her appetite and somewhat drowsy...I am happy, Keera is too...she gets to LEAVE...NOW for the LUCY part...somewhere between the office door and the Jeep , Keera's meds hit and she is wobbly and woozy...uh, oh...I still figure we can get in the car in a few minutes and be home in 20...HA!!!!! I am NOT a good story teller so you must picture this with all exaggeration and then it will be clear! Keera weighs 85 lbs...you need to know that, and I am a small person, that will help the visualization too. We get to the car, I open the back door..I get her to jump, and I am at her butt-end trying to help lift her after she gets the momentum going...but she stops after she realizes she cannot pull her weight up and I am left holding 85 lbs of dead weight...oookaaayy, we try again, same thing...we rest, we try again, same thing...then I decide we will try back seat, maybe that will be easier...she seemed to think so too, so off we go ...we try again and same thing...we tried 2 more times and had to take a 10 minute rest....it did work this time, I think she finally figured out to keep going after her front legs hit the floor! It didn't dawn on me that we must have been a very amusing sight, but no one was around to offer their help, and I can just picture everyone in the office looking out the window trying to see when we would finally leave!
Ok now we are in, she is laying on back seat and her poor little head is lolling sideways...I did not want her to go to sleep because she would fall off seat into floor and I would NEVER get her out of the car...so off we go...I am looking back every few seconds yelling at her to stay awake, saying everything I can think of that usually makes her perk up...SNACK, JIFFY,
OUTSIDE, CHICKEN, WALK...over and over...I notice people are looking as I pass them...I get a red light and the car next to me looked terrified after I did a little wake-up yell for her...luckily I got to drive on while they turned left....WHEW...we made it home and she wobbled her way into the house and took her place in the den and SLEPT for 3 hours!

...and today is Tuesday and I have my dog back...she seems happy and semi-young again.
Life is good.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

She's alive.....

This is my dog Keera....ON DRUGS.

I got to pick Keera up at 4 today...she was so messed up, wobbling and faltering...I tried really hard not to laugh (where she could see me). She didn't get the 'cone'..darn it.

After we got her home, she tried to stand and drink water...I was so scared she would drink too much and make herself sick, I took her bowl away after a good 32 ounces! She then went 3 steps and laid down...

She had a LOT of stuff done...the growth on her leg was not cancerous, but it is a tumor type growth, that may or may not come back. It was so deeply embedded, the DR had to take some muscle, poor baby, she will hurt for a long time. It was a tumor that had we not got it before it went further, it would have started bleeding and she would have bled out and died (no way to stop the flow once it starts). God is good, I don't feel like such a bad momma today. So he got it all, he thinks...while she was under, she had her teeth cleaned, which means not only does her butt hurt, so does her mouth...she got all her shots, which were due, and she got a toenail clip and bath...I KNOW she HATES me...but I have painkillers for her...so maybe that will help her love me again. Jiffy (the cat) cannot figure out how close he can get...he's been circling Keera for 45 minutes and Keera is so out of it, Jiffy cannot figure out why Keera isn't getting annoyed...hahaha!

OK...off to stare at my darlin' and see if she needs 'anything'', anything at all...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Busy Brain

My little sweetheart Keera, my dog, will be having surgery Tuesday morning...possible cancer, we found a fast-growing growth that won't go away...so she is probably having a horrible time at the vet's tonite...I cried for 2 hours this morning before I called the vet, had to get myself together long enough to explain her problem....love the vet and his office staff (Gaston Veteribnary Hospital - Dr. Suggs). I know she's in good hands, she just misses her family and her cat. If all goes well she will get to come home tomorrow evening, with one of those cone thingys on her hindquarters...lol, those are so funny looking...

It's starting to shape up that my presidential voting choices this year will be for mini-socialism or maxi-socialism (or a little socialism or a lot of socialism)...NOT GOOD CHOICES in my opinion.

Why does my son NOW want a haircut...when last week he wanted to wait for a month or so to get one? He's mad because I couldn't take him today. His hair (disaster) looks as bad today as it did last week...I bet a girl at school said something!

I am working on a shamrock wallhanging...hope to finish it this week...and I just discovered a ribbon-making site for baby hairbows!!!!! I am going to have fun with that and my GRANDGIRLS will love them.

For dinner tonite, I made an all veggie meal...why do veggies give me indigestion and meatloaf doesn't?

...I am not typing fast enough for the brain...so I will go read a book.....and pop a Rolaid.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Well, I wasn't going to say anything...but

Yesterday was a kind of busy day for me...hair, driver's license renewal, grocery store, and I needed to finish the binding on my Valentine wallhanging....I had a huge craving for cornbread last night, so I made some...and with tomatoes, cooked spinach, white northern beans, corn and some chicken breasts...I had me some good ole supper, my grand mother would be proud, actually my dad would, he thinks I never eat the 'good' stuff. Sometimes you just have to...

...so after dinner and a little clean-up and a little 'puter time, I decided to watch my favorite vampire of the year on Monnlighting AND finish up the border on my heart quilty...settled on the sofa, remote beside me 3 lights all around me so I could see...and I started stitching away...loving the moment...I heard Kim going in and out the doors and didn't pay any attention, I was on a mission to complete this by 11p...about 10 minutes later Kim was standing in doorway, clearing his throat with a package in his arms...hmmm, I thought , oh no, he's bought himself a new toy, wonder what it is, and what kind of bargain (he's awesome at finding bargains) he's found now, but I also didn't want to stop the stitching and get up (God forbid getting out of my finally found comfy sewing positon)...so I looked up at him and asked ..what'd ya find? He's grinning and says "this is for you and I was going to wait till tomorrow but I think you might like it now". I cannot imagine what I would want right now but I pretended a big smile and GOT UP...started opening my gift ...and OMG, he bought me a floor standing OTT light!!!!! Yes, I was jumping up and down,,,and yes he put it together quickly (5 min) and yes within 15 minutes (after a hug and a few kisses) I was hand binding with my OTT light and NO OTHER lights!!! You all gotta get one of these...he has a small one on his desk and I never touch it because I know I would have never returned it to him...what a great thing for him to have done...anyway, I did get the wall hanging done and I did get it done before 11p...

you see...

The real deal is....TODAY is my birthday and I'm 50 and I think I can deal with that...it's a really big step that I am saying this OUT LOUD (age issues)... I got phone calls and cards from my family yesterday telling me HB...and also telling me my gifts were sent late and to be expecting them sometime next week...most of these people grew up with me or raised me...don't they KNOW I LOVE PRESENTS and I want presents NOW...I am spoiled and I don't care...send me my presents, now. I really am not THAT selfish or spoiled or diva-ish. But I want what I want...I want to see my grandbabies along with #1 son and #1 dil (that's not happening right now), I want to see my #2 son (that's not happening right now), I want #3 son to get-a-life..or a-clue (not happening right now) and I want #4 son to find the $400 pair of glasses I had to buy because he lost the other $400 pair 2 weeks ago (not happening right now)....and I want my family and friends all safe and happy.

AND I WANT PRESENTS...and God understands that, HE gives presents all the time.

I also want someone to teach me how to lay out this blog....so frustrating.

A new do...sorta...

Yesterday I had my hair cut...and she did a wonderful cut ...and we did lowlights (dark highlights). My hair has always been blonde naturally, but last few years it has turned a taupey dark blonde, so I decided a darker look might help my face not fade into my hair...causes huge make-up probs, don'cha know? Apparently the pics I showed her didn't emphasize the style I wanted...I wanted a fuller, stacked type haircut, because I had flat, straight, bobbish hair already...I got a shorter (albeit) very well cut bob. So I will go back in a couple of weeks and get something more foo-foo....here's a before and after taken in the bathroom mirror, sorry for the flash ...but I was running late for the appt but had to snap one for posterity. Ok they are reversed ...the new one is top and the old one is on the bottom...I HATE that I like the old one better...lol. I nalso had to get my driver's license renewed yesterday...I had to go before my appt...and it's not half bad...plus I was in and out like lightening compared to the usual hour wait...25 minutes rocked!