Saturday, February 9, 2008

A new do...sorta...

Yesterday I had my hair cut...and she did a wonderful cut ...and we did lowlights (dark highlights). My hair has always been blonde naturally, but last few years it has turned a taupey dark blonde, so I decided a darker look might help my face not fade into my hair...causes huge make-up probs, don'cha know? Apparently the pics I showed her didn't emphasize the style I wanted...I wanted a fuller, stacked type haircut, because I had flat, straight, bobbish hair already...I got a shorter (albeit) very well cut bob. So I will go back in a couple of weeks and get something more's a before and after taken in the bathroom mirror, sorry for the flash ...but I was running late for the appt but had to snap one for posterity. Ok they are reversed ...the new one is top and the old one is on the bottom...I HATE that I like the old one I nalso had to get my driver's license renewed yesterday...I had to go before my appt...and it's not half I was in and out like lightening compared to the usual hour wait...25 minutes rocked!

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