Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's still January?

I still do not have NEW pics of my grand twin girls...DS1 and DIL are in some very hot water.......Say hi to Hayley and Olivia..I just like looking at them since I cannot hold them..I need a visit..or I need a prolonged stay...or maybe I need to move to Nashville!

Woohoo...Nascar starts up soon, my hubby will be in better spirits...he and my oldest son are the only 2 of the 5 males in the house who like the racing thing...and I heard something very funny the other day...NASCAR - Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks. Hahaha, he was NOT amused, but I think he cracked a smile when he turned away from me (in a huff).

I am on a sewing spree lately, again this has to do with getting a practical and a practicing plan of action about making the time to 'create''s good for me, I am nicer to people when I get to make stuff, I haven't yelled at the kids but once this month. I am making some Wonder Wallets and I will attempt my first Lazy Girl bag, Miranda, she's so pretty, I sure hope I will be able to say the same about mine... Go see and play with me.


Dimple Queen said...

Sorry you don't have new pictures....I have to admit that I am one of those daughters that is terrible about that too. I am a little better now that I have a digital camera and the computer at work...I can at least post some pictures or send them via email....but I know my mother really wants those pictures I promised at Christmas....guess I better get them in the mail soon!!!!

Cute babies!!

Sandra ;) said...

Bless their gorgeous, snuggleable little hearts --- can you stand it???!! They're so precious --- I could just eat them up :) Please give them big juicy Canadian kisses from Auntie Bube Sandra Spice, when you next see them --- and one for big sister Kayla as well - I can't wait to see a family picture with all 5 of them! And maybe a picture of Bube and the girls ...

Carolina Mama said...

Bella, Thanks for your prayers! Our son has recovered nicely thanx be to the Lord. Your twin Grands are adorable! Tell us more!

Our Family said...

Thanks for the comment!! Your baby girls are beautiful!!! How dare they not send more pics! That's why I started my blog. Maybe they can start a blog????
I look forward to keeping up and seeing new pics of those gorgeous girls!!!
Love your blog!

Natalie said...

They are precious!