Friday, January 18, 2008

46 weeks

I joined a Yahoo group that I simply the concept, love the people, love the support.
You see, this year I will be starting my Christmas list now and getting gifts made throughout the that when the 2nd week of December rolls around, I won't be stressing, I'll be sipping egg nog and watching Christmas movies. OK people, it's a goal, and goals are good.

I also have made a few, nails, facial, spa massage. You see, this year I am working a bit on myself. It's the big one...I turn 50 and I want to look better. One of my BFF's from high school also turns that #, albeit a week before me, so I have to see how she fares first, it is coming up very soon a matter of fact almost all of my friends from HS turn beautiful this year.

I really just wanted to say I love my life and I'm glad I have one.


Dimple Queen said...

Thank you Bella for stopping by the other day and adding your two cents! I saw that you were a Company Girl too! Love it!!

About the taking care of yourself and making the year about you.... well, I am kind of doing the same. You see, I have always been too "cheap" to buy all the "products", but I am slowly buying some now. For, instance, I have terribly dry skin. Everyone has always told me to buy "body butter". They told me that it works really good for extremely dry skin, but it cost anywhere from $6 to $12 or more depending where you get it. I am so "cheap" that I didn't even want to spend the money to get it at WalMart! But I finally did this week, and I do have to say, it will be a line in my budget! I LOVE IT!

So now I am "shopping around" for facial products....I'll let you know how that turns out! :)


Sandra ;) said...

Hi, my bella Bella!!! I can't wait to see your needlecase - I already have the fabric picked out for mine!

Big birthday coming up, wooooohoooooooo - you BETTER treat yourself - you MORE than deserve it!!

I love your organized Christmas goal - I'm doing the same thing, as you saw by my finished Christmas gift bags, lol. We can do it, and won't we be calm, cool, collected and FINISHED come December!

*sending you maple syrup hugs* :D