Friday, March 28, 2008

I made stuff!

I finished some needlecases today...first I had to find felt, and it's hard to find, well, 'good' felt, meaning thicker and not see-through, then I had to decide how to close it, with snaps or velcro, and I remembered I had a some snap pliers that I hadn't used in years...and Sandra Sews was asking about I went with plier snaps...a bit too big, but they will work. The needlecase pattern/tutorial is from Kris at .... Thanks Kris, super cute!

Then I made 2 Wonder Wallets from WOW, wonder Wallet is right! I had them cut out for weeks and thought they were going to be complicated, especially for me...BUT I was WRONG...they are easy and too sweet. I have my Miranda cut out and now I think I can dive right into it...

So my lesson for the day is...JUST DO IT!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Finally! he has something to do

I may have my quilty, sewing, crafty side which comes with lots of physical items (and has taken over at least 3 rooms in our house) BUT my hubby, The Burn, has got his 'green' on. I started noticing boxes with clear lids in odd places in the house a couple of weeks ago, then they'd disappear and more would return...on top of the fridge, on my dresser, on top of the entertainement center, on my (antique & never-to-be-touched-by-anyone) buffet, on the suede bench in the LR. Now had I looked closely at these boxes, I would have seen DIRT, but I am a bit ADD, so I just mentally noted it and went on to whatever else was invading my mind. And , of course, I forgot to go back and see or ask him about it. The Burn has been growing seeds, too early I might add, because he has apparently had to re-seed then 3 times. They were in their places around the house due to the windows that get SUNSHINE......the plants would sprout and then search for the sunlight and in 3 0r 4 days be too big to plant because it's too cold outside...don't take my word for this...because The Burn goes into a trance of information and giddiness when he explains growing 'stuff', thus I go into a trance of oooo, boring, smile and pretend to listen state of mind, so I didn't really get all the info.

We had a beautiful day yesterday, still chilly and The Burn took a half day off work...he mowed the yard and was outside a long time, I decided to take him some coffee and found him with (I counted what I could see) 22 different containers of sprouting seedlings (y'know, the kind with 24-48 compartments) and some huge flower pots full of teeny-tiny plants. He's on a roll. His pride was a pink plant (beautiful) called the Mandevilla Trellis, he wanted a red one but...he got a PINK one.. his hyacinths are blooming and he always plants gerbera daisies for me.

ALL I want is color and it looks like I am going to have lots of color this year. WOO HOO!

Show me yours so I can show him ...and it will drive him crazy seeing stuff he doesn't have and covets... and then he'll be too busy to see what room I take over next with fabric and sewing machines.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Foot Fetish (not that kind...duh)

I have a thing for sewing machine feet...always have. It's just like icing for when my friend Sandra HAD to have a Flower stitch foot, well so did I...I ordered mine off EBay.....

iblawson ...he's great and has LOTS of things for my sewing I got to looking around his site and saw some items I had always intended to get...then I got busy (Easter was coming, Keera had a seizure and I needed to take care of her (*read* hover over her until she gets more nervous than she is), my house needed cleaning, I'm a ditz, well, you get the today I decided to do a little straightening in the craft room....AHA!!!! Almost all of the 'new' feet I wanted to purchase...I already have . UnBeLiEvAbLe!!! well, not really. I do that all the here are some feet...can you name them? and also a pic or 2 of what the flower foot can do...
The 4 feet are: an overcast guide foot, a low shank cording foot, the Little Foot, and a low shank edgestitching I can get BIZZY! (er).

Ipod giveaway and a cooking site

...cause I love to find out how and what I should cook, not that mine ever turns out the way the pic does...

Go check out...Cooking by the Seat of my pants ...a cool contest and his blog is awesome!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The little things in my life make such a difference! I have perfected my nightly winding down ritual. I drink hot cocoa every evening after all go to bed and I am having my quiet-on-the-outside, loud-on-the-inside 'time'. It helps to shut down the brain so I can sleep. Anywho, I finally found my 'blend'. 2Tblsp dark cocoa, 1/8c sug, 1/2c leftover coffee (I saved for this purpose from hubby's afternoon coffee - he comes home around 2:30 every afternoon for a coffee break, wierd) and milk to top of's's PERFECT. Now I can move on.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy foot

Pic of old and abused applique foot that I use in approximately 80% of my sewing projects...mine doesn't have red where the arrow is ...BUT that is a great idea, think I'll take out the fine-point Sharpie and color in the arrow...better for the eyes! I have a couple of these and I like using them for straight, zigzag, and satin stitch because I can keep the arrow lined up with whatever point I choose on my project...and since I do Marine's a MUST for zig-zag/satin stitch applique.

...and speaking of Marine labels...please check out Marine Comfort Quilts and make some blocks...for all branches of the military that have fallen soldiers...

Have a BLESSED day, y'all!

Monday, March 10, 2008

My brain...spring MUSH

I went outside today after work...aww, it's so pretty and blue and green...some of Kim's flowers are coming up and the pear trees have some blossoms...and the Jiffy is in the yard..
Too tired to psot ...will try to show quiltts tomorrow...
Happy 22nd Birthday Jamey!!! I love you!