Thursday, March 27, 2008

Finally! he has something to do

I may have my quilty, sewing, crafty side which comes with lots of physical items (and has taken over at least 3 rooms in our house) BUT my hubby, The Burn, has got his 'green' on. I started noticing boxes with clear lids in odd places in the house a couple of weeks ago, then they'd disappear and more would return...on top of the fridge, on my dresser, on top of the entertainement center, on my (antique & never-to-be-touched-by-anyone) buffet, on the suede bench in the LR. Now had I looked closely at these boxes, I would have seen DIRT, but I am a bit ADD, so I just mentally noted it and went on to whatever else was invading my mind. And , of course, I forgot to go back and see or ask him about it. The Burn has been growing seeds, too early I might add, because he has apparently had to re-seed then 3 times. They were in their places around the house due to the windows that get SUNSHINE......the plants would sprout and then search for the sunlight and in 3 0r 4 days be too big to plant because it's too cold outside...don't take my word for this...because The Burn goes into a trance of information and giddiness when he explains growing 'stuff', thus I go into a trance of oooo, boring, smile and pretend to listen state of mind, so I didn't really get all the info.

We had a beautiful day yesterday, still chilly and The Burn took a half day off work...he mowed the yard and was outside a long time, I decided to take him some coffee and found him with (I counted what I could see) 22 different containers of sprouting seedlings (y'know, the kind with 24-48 compartments) and some huge flower pots full of teeny-tiny plants. He's on a roll. His pride was a pink plant (beautiful) called the Mandevilla Trellis, he wanted a red one but...he got a PINK one.. his hyacinths are blooming and he always plants gerbera daisies for me.

ALL I want is color and it looks like I am going to have lots of color this year. WOO HOO!

Show me yours so I can show him ...and it will drive him crazy seeing stuff he doesn't have and covets... and then he'll be too busy to see what room I take over next with fabric and sewing machines.

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Sandra ;) said...

The Burn???!! LOL do I wanna know? Gorgeous pictures --- whats the temp in NC? Here we probably hit 35F (1 or 2C) today, but there's still lots of snow. Nothing growing here yet :D
At least The Burn has a hobby that will keep him out of your hair - be thankful!! ;)