Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy foot

Pic of old and abused applique foot that I use in approximately 80% of my sewing projects...mine doesn't have red where the arrow is ...BUT that is a great idea, think I'll take out the fine-point Sharpie and color in the arrow...better for the eyes! I have a couple of these and I like using them for straight, zigzag, and satin stitch because I can keep the arrow lined up with whatever point I choose on my project...and since I do Marine labels..it's a MUST for zig-zag/satin stitch applique.

...and speaking of Marine labels...please check out Marine Comfort Quilts and make some blocks...for all branches of the military that have fallen soldiers...

Have a BLESSED day, y'all!

1 comment:

Sandra ;) said...

It's not old and abused - it's useful and well loved - I found one for my borrowed Kenmore and will try it out on my next applique project ;) I can't wait for our flower stitch feet to show up - it's going to be fun testing them out!!