Monday, March 24, 2008

Foot Fetish (not that kind...duh)

I have a thing for sewing machine feet...always have. It's just like icing for when my friend Sandra HAD to have a Flower stitch foot, well so did I...I ordered mine off EBay.....

iblawson ...he's great and has LOTS of things for my sewing I got to looking around his site and saw some items I had always intended to get...then I got busy (Easter was coming, Keera had a seizure and I needed to take care of her (*read* hover over her until she gets more nervous than she is), my house needed cleaning, I'm a ditz, well, you get the today I decided to do a little straightening in the craft room....AHA!!!! Almost all of the 'new' feet I wanted to purchase...I already have . UnBeLiEvAbLe!!! well, not really. I do that all the here are some feet...can you name them? and also a pic or 2 of what the flower foot can do...
The 4 feet are: an overcast guide foot, a low shank cording foot, the Little Foot, and a low shank edgestitching I can get BIZZY! (er).

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Sandra ;) said...

Awwwwwwwwww rats, I was hoping it was the OTHER kind of foot fetish *wink* *wink* *wink* ;)

I luv your feet!!! ERrrrrrrrrrrr your sewing machine feet, that is!! I didn't recognize any of them tho - do I get the boobie prize? Or maybe the BUBE prize!! Now I'm going to have to look them up and see what they do, so I can order them as well, lol.

I second the endorsement of ebay seller iblawson - he's one of the good guys :) Excellent service and prices, and fun goodies to boot!

Bube - have you actually USED the feet yet for their intended purpose? Or are you a collector (like most of the rest of us, LOL!) !!!

Zoomer sends Keera some interspecies kitty kisses, as usual :D