Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Ssshhhhh, don't mention this, but I don't know which twin this is! They will be here Friday and I get them to myself for 3 days! But first, I better study their pics again...I haven't seen them , they've gained some POUNDAGE!

Trying NOT to watch TV

I made an apron for my swap over the weekend. It's really cute ...

the fabric says MERRY CHRISTMAS in gold...simple and sweet.

We went hiking Sunday...Crowder's Mountain, Gaston County, NC

The mountain is awesome to hike and takes everything I have...thus very few pics because I was so worn out I could barely hold the camera steady.

The lake is being drained and I am not sure we will even get it back for next summer. It is beautiful when it's full, but cleaning it out and restocking it will be fantastic...and we will get to canoe on it without running up on a sand bar!