Monday, June 23, 2008


My twin grandaughters and my 4yo grandgirl will be here anytime...I will not get any quilting, sewing, etc done...UNLESS Kaylin wants more than one tutu/princess/fairy skirt...then I'll make her another all I'll be hearing for a few days is....coos, baby gurgles and baby jabber and (hopefully) a lot of 'I love you Nonna' s...and my son and his wife might even talk to me too...when I have time...hahaha!

Pics to come....I know you're on the edge of your seat!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pine Sol is my friend....

I have been having 'bathroom' issues with the 2 teen boys in my house...apparently toilet paper is one commodity to be used generously at all times.... FOR the THIRD time in 2 weeks, I have had to mop and disinfect my entire main bathroom....BECAUSE said teen boys use too much TP and then it stops up my toilet at 7:30am!!!! BEFORE I've had coffee or anything! Therefore NO PICS of this gal's wild and crazy life. I have come to a conclusion....

Every evening before my hubby leaves work he calls and asks if I need anything from the grocery store (or wherever)...and I usually have to say...yes honey, pick up some TP paper...I usually buy big bulk packs...he buys small expensive 'specialty' packs...AH HA! He's been buying the super thick, cushiony, lotiony kind...easier on the bottom he says...BUT we had a *discussion* last night about how 'using the terlit' is NOT to be a leisurely, make a life decision meditation kind of activity.....I want all the males to ---- go, do the business quickly, look around and clean up any boo-boos (flush, wipe off seat, staighten bath rugs back because somehow they always look like someone did the twist) and then GET OUT! Half the blame went to hubby and his penchant for buying the *best* and the other half goes to the teen boys for overloading the bowl and then being too scared to flush because it 'might' overflow! Then whoever hits it first the next day or afternoon or whenever...ends up having to flush and causing an overflow...I never use that bathroom unless I wash my hands in there and check it to make sure unexpected company won't run screaming from my house...I use my bathroom...smells nice, looks nice, and is always clean!

I made the boys a cleaning bucket with PINE SOL, scrubby brushes, rags and other cleaning items is theirs from now on...and they have been informed that they will be woken up at any time of night to take care of problem IF an overflow ever happens again...I should see much improvement in the amount (and expense) of TP type products. ONE can only HOPE.

...and I have a really, really, really clean bathroom right now.

Monday, June 16, 2008

a full day...of...

STUFF! I got a new old dryer was 16 years old and it recently developed dementia..if it was set on cotton, it would just do air, if it was set for 20 minutes, it wouldn't cut it left today...I bought it when my youngest son was still in the hospital trying to gain weight...he was 3 months premature and I had to leave him in the hospital for 3 months after gain at least 2 the dryer was special , as is he...but like all things we love, they must leave ...hahaha, turned that around on ya, didn't I? my new dryer and all it can do...wish it would fold the clothes though!

I finished the binding on another mini wallhanging...the pile is going down.. I want to find an Oriental/Asian button to go in center....and I made 3 sets of napkins to add to gifts this Christmas.

I also made a sweet potato pie...BUT my hubby decided he wanted a broiled hot dog so right in the middle of baking, he turns the oven on broil without even noticing I had MY pie in there...and by the time he realized it...the edges of my perfect crust had burned...the pie turned out kinda wierd because it rose really fast and then fell...but stayed puffed...tasted ok, but not I will make another one when he's NOT AT HOME!

...and to show you I am over being perturbed at him...LOOK what he can do with plants...Mr. Green Thumb he is!

This is his, I mean toolshed....

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Finishes

I finished 3 wallhangings this week...alright, so they only needed binding (for months) but they are done and they are way cuter 'in person' than these pics will show...I am a lousy pic taker.

The flower mantle one is not going to be placed like that...I just hung it over the picture frame till hubby can mount hooks for me...I loved making it and it's so not perfect...but it's fun and now I can see what size I need to make to go up there...bigger is better! The den is a hard room to's dark and one whole wall is brick with the's the room we all hang in, drop stuff off in, don't care how it looks... but eveybody gravitates to this's big, it leads outside, it's right off the kitchen/ is way overdue a makeover...but maybe next spring!

The blue one is from Carol Doak Celebration block on her Yahoo groups site...been a long time finishing (when I get to the binding part...I put it down and then forget it..bad me).
The Wonky house one is from an old Foundation Piecer magazine...if you want to know, I'll look it up for you. Just glad to have gotten a few unfinished out of the PILE!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Playing TAG

OH my...I have been tagged by Wondermommy!

.....she makes the cutest stuff!

What was I doing 10 years ago? I was living in my beloved Asheville with hubby and 4 boys. That was the first year they were all in grade school at the same time...I was office support at Kinko's (before Fedex bought them) and I had "PUNK" hair because it was easier to explain (you have to know Asheville) than CHEMO!

What are 5 things on my t0-do list for today? Finish (!) binding mantle quilt that should have been done yesterday, go to Post office, wash the 2 boys bed linens, LOOK for pressure washer that hubby 'lost' somewhere here at home, vaccuum up Keera's shedding dog hair...and the kitchen........the kitchen....

Snacks I enjoy: M&M's, Ranch or spinach dip and Ritz crackers, melba toast and butter

Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Buy my hubby a farm in near Asheville - we have discovered he has a very green thumb (hand), help all the family get bills and houses and college money, buy a beach house, have all kinds of sewing and embroidery machines for everyone to come and play list could get never-ending....

Places I have lived: near Charlotte, NC (now), Asheville (NC), Hilton Head (SC), Savannah,(GA)

Jobs I have had: started working when I was a boutique, then a junior shop in the mall, then at Sears...then went to married, had a million (ok, only 4) boys, taught preschool, ran a daycare kitchen, office manager at medical supply company, Melco Embroidery demonstrator, Applebees server trainer, at FedEX Kinkos for 10 years, moved here, worked P/T at Old Navy and Belk's...and now I am home needing to work and bring in some $$$$ but haven't found a job for me yet.... sound a little ADHD don't I? eh, it runs in the family....

OK...that was kinda fun...but I always have a ton more to say on any subject... so I edited myself!

...and I am tagging these 5 lovely people:

Sandra@ Sandra Sews

Kris@ Dandelion Quilts

Barb@ So How Was Your Day

Nicola@ MimisRoom

Jen@ Cre8tive Quilter

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I finally made a Miranda!

I started making my Miranda bag on Sunday evening...and after numerous's done. AND I LOVE IT! The pattern was super easy, the bag is big (which I love) and it has pockets in it...I had a little difficulty with the handles because I couldn't decide what I wanted...but I like the ones I made, just have to do some tweaking for the next one. YES, there will be a next one and probably many more! Lazy Girl Designs...go see! and then make one or two...

.....and I am wearing my apron today!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cleaning in style!

My apron came from the Sassy Summer Swap!! It's awesome. I LOVE it!

Mellissa A made was her own is reversible...the fabric is too cute.
It has a towel loop and 2 of the sweetest pockets ever...AND Rick Rack...oh, how I love
rick rack. Thank you Mellissa!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sassy Apron Swap and other stuff...

I got my package from my partner was here after we got back from BBQ'ing...we had a busy weekend planned and I knew I wouldn't be able to send my part of the swap out until Monday...SOOOOOOO, I haven't opened it yet...and I won't until I get hers in the mail today...and I can't stand waiting...BUT I don't want to open it with hers still here....Kris...yours goes out today and tthen I'll open mine...I know I am going to just love it! I really hope you like yours too.

After our hike up Crowder's Mountain yesterday in 90 degrees!!!! I came home pooped...but the hubby fixed steaks on the grill and after dinner I started a Miranda bag.....I hope to show that this evening far, it's so easy......

The big kids (Patrick, Steph, Kaylin, and the twinseys) found a house already and will move in 3 weeks...WOW...15 minutes from the beach....I KNOW where I'll be ...I don't want to be the in-law they hate, but they really shouldn't move to the beach and expect me to not visit (for loooong periods of time...bwahahaha)....