Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Playing TAG

OH my...I have been tagged by Wondermommy!

.....she makes the cutest stuff!

What was I doing 10 years ago? I was living in my beloved Asheville with hubby and 4 boys. That was the first year they were all in grade school at the same time...I was office support at Kinko's (before Fedex bought them) and I had "PUNK" hair because it was easier to explain (you have to know Asheville) than CHEMO!

What are 5 things on my t0-do list for today? Finish (!) binding mantle quilt that should have been done yesterday, go to Post office, wash the 2 boys bed linens, LOOK for pressure washer that hubby 'lost' somewhere here at home, vaccuum up Keera's shedding dog hair...and the kitchen........the kitchen....

Snacks I enjoy: M&M's, Ranch or spinach dip and Ritz crackers, melba toast and butter

Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Buy my hubby a farm in near Asheville - we have discovered he has a very green thumb (hand), help all the family get bills and houses and college money, buy a beach house, have all kinds of sewing and embroidery machines for everyone to come and play list could get never-ending....

Places I have lived: near Charlotte, NC (now), Asheville (NC), Hilton Head (SC), Savannah,(GA)

Jobs I have had: started working when I was a boutique, then a junior shop in the mall, then at Sears...then went to married, had a million (ok, only 4) boys, taught preschool, ran a daycare kitchen, office manager at medical supply company, Melco Embroidery demonstrator, Applebees server trainer, at FedEX Kinkos for 10 years, moved here, worked P/T at Old Navy and Belk's...and now I am home needing to work and bring in some $$$$ but haven't found a job for me yet.... sound a little ADHD don't I? eh, it runs in the family....

OK...that was kinda fun...but I always have a ton more to say on any subject... so I edited myself!

...and I am tagging these 5 lovely people:

Sandra@ Sandra Sews

Kris@ Dandelion Quilts

Barb@ So How Was Your Day

Nicola@ MimisRoom

Jen@ Cre8tive Quilter


Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering the questions. It was great learning more about you :)

Sandra said...

You forgot to mention that you would visit your friend in Aurora when you hit billionaire status -- she's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiting!!!

I did my tag blog today - my son was very happy to learn that I would buy him a car, LOL!!!

Sandra said...

P.S. I'll stay at the beach with you, and you visit Aurora ... works for ME!!! :D *runs off to clean the guest bedroom in preparation!* :)

Nicki Parker said...

Hey Bella! I just noticed that you tagged me! Thank you....I love learning this stuff about people.....