Saturday, November 24, 2007

I hate the countdown.

Thanksgiving is Where does the time go? I asked Kim after Halloween if I could start Christmas decorating...he just looked at me wierd....but it seems like all my Thanksgivings involve Christmas decorations and since we've been married (25 we have always gotten the tree the day after Thanksgiving and all the decorations come out and then I slip new ones in every year and see if anyone notices before Christmas Day...and they usually do not until they are helping me put them away mid-January. So, we have our tree ready to come join us inside anytime...but Kim had a little shoulder surgery 2 weeks ago and we are both working a lot and the 2 boys who are left here with us are well,...ok, I'll say it...useless in the house cleaning, tree carrying in, feeding their pets, doing anything for anyone else but themselves area of life...altho I get a daily dose of laughter from each of them , so they do earn their keep...sorta. My tree will probably not go up until Monday evening and will probably not be getting decorations until Wed/Thurs. But I still have the evergreen smell and that's the most important part. It seems we try a new place every year, living room (where no one goes except when a 'stranger' comes to the front door, the dining room where it looks beat down after a week because we are always brushing by it, the sitting room (literally a sitting room, no room for much else but the computer and a chair and a tree)...this year it will be the den where we all gather except Kim. We all love this room except for Kim. When there is a storm and the lights go out we go to the den and sit and play charades except for Kim. It was Kim's bright idea to put the Christmas tree in the den. Wonder what he's trying to say here?