Monday, March 10, 2008

My brain...spring MUSH

I went outside today after work...aww, it's so pretty and blue and green...some of Kim's flowers are coming up and the pear trees have some blossoms...and the Jiffy is in the yard..
Too tired to psot ...will try to show quiltts tomorrow...
Happy 22nd Birthday Jamey!!! I love you!

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Sandra ;) said...

Your yard is looking altogether too green, my friend ... I know what you need - you need SNOW!!! How's about I send you about 6' of the white stuff - Jiffy would have a blast playing in it!! Oh yes he would, and quit rolling your eyes at me like that - they're gonna freeze like that!! ;)

Jiffy c'mere and see Auntie Bube Sandra and Cousin Bube Zoomer!!! Have you ever seen the "S" word??!! It's fun to play in ... I promise!!! :)