Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's a LUCY week...

Keera is doing sooo much better...Saturday morning I got up early and tidied up around house, had to work for 4 hours and so I got dressed early too...an hour before I needed to be at work I decided to check on Keera and feed her, put medicine on her incision and get her comfy until I could get back home...I noticed fresh blood coming from bottom of her incision, red and swollen around incision...Dr had told me if that happened to just bring her on in to office, SO I grab my stuff and a blankie, decide to take Kim's Jeep Cherokee. Kim offers to go with me, but I figured ..hey, no prob, she just needs checking and probably some bandages and antibiotics, so Keera and I are off to the vets...we get there, we go in, lots of animal visiting the vet Saturday, but Keera obviously felt bad cause she mainly ignored all creatures and stood ready to bolt out front door first chance she got...we waited 30 minutes and then it was our turn...kinda had to drag her into room, but I understand...Dr was so nice and sweet, feels she doesn't need antibiotics, just CortAid and food and some way to keep her from biting her incision. She gave her a dose of anti-inflammatory ....it is to make her less itchy, help her appetite and somewhat drowsy...I am happy, Keera is too...she gets to LEAVE...NOW for the LUCY part...somewhere between the office door and the Jeep , Keera's meds hit and she is wobbly and woozy...uh, oh...I still figure we can get in the car in a few minutes and be home in 20...HA!!!!! I am NOT a good story teller so you must picture this with all exaggeration and then it will be clear! Keera weighs 85 lbs...you need to know that, and I am a small person, that will help the visualization too. We get to the car, I open the back door..I get her to jump, and I am at her butt-end trying to help lift her after she gets the momentum going...but she stops after she realizes she cannot pull her weight up and I am left holding 85 lbs of dead weight...oookaaayy, we try again, same thing...we rest, we try again, same thing...then I decide we will try back seat, maybe that will be easier...she seemed to think so too, so off we go ...we try again and same thing...we tried 2 more times and had to take a 10 minute rest....it did work this time, I think she finally figured out to keep going after her front legs hit the floor! It didn't dawn on me that we must have been a very amusing sight, but no one was around to offer their help, and I can just picture everyone in the office looking out the window trying to see when we would finally leave!
Ok now we are in, she is laying on back seat and her poor little head is lolling sideways...I did not want her to go to sleep because she would fall off seat into floor and I would NEVER get her out of the car...so off we go...I am looking back every few seconds yelling at her to stay awake, saying everything I can think of that usually makes her perk up...SNACK, JIFFY,
OUTSIDE, CHICKEN, WALK...over and over...I notice people are looking as I pass them...I get a red light and the car next to me looked terrified after I did a little wake-up yell for her...luckily I got to drive on while they turned left....WHEW...we made it home and she wobbled her way into the house and took her place in the den and SLEPT for 3 hours!

...and today is Tuesday and I have my dog back...she seems happy and semi-young again.
Life is good.


Jen said...

I don't even know you and I can picture this!!! I'm laughing with you cause I've been there.

This time last year my mom's Doberman lost all control of his body...there was 125 pounds of him. He couldn't even walk. Turns out he was diabetic and just went downhill like this within 2 days. So he went to the vet to bring his sugar down and get pumped all full of fluids. Well, the kid had severe separation anxiety and although he was supposed to spend 3 nights there, it was so bad that they told her to come and get him and bring him back each morning. Well..My mom has a Chevy Tracker. I tell her I'll meet her at the vet becuase my car is lower to the ground, between the two of us we should be able to get him in the back seat. Nope. We try the front seat, NOPE. He ended up on the floor of the front seat. Oh and he had an IV in him that was capped off...but picture this going on where we don't want to hurt him. We get him home, and we can't get him out because of the angle, his lack of energy and the IV. Called my husband, he too had a hard time trying to maneuver 125 pounds of dead, akward weight from that low to the ground. Finally we got him out of the car and we all stood there. How were we going to get him into the apartment? A Wagon...Mom wheeled him back and forth to the car for about 8 days. She stopped even trying to get him to go outside because he couldn't hold it and couldn't stand. If he stood it was with a towel around his midsection with one of us holding him up by the ends. We ended up lining her whole living room with shower curtains so that if he had an accident we could just pick it up by the four corners and throw it in the bathtub to rinse and dry. I never want to re-live that again.

On the flip side, he was always overwieght from the time she adopted him. The kid is now a svelt 75 pounds!

Kelsie said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I really appreciate that you took the time to look at it and comment!

Sandra ;) said...

Awwwwwwwwwww I wish I'd been there to help you with Miss Keera ... I'm glad she's feeling better, finally!! Zoomer - of course - sends interspecies Kitty Kisses ;)

Lilymane said...

Oh I hope Keera is feeling even better by now. Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting! I'm newly moved to Chapel Hill (well six months ago now) - and I'd LOVE to meet other quilters - or even know they're out there! The guilds here are active but only meet at night during the week - smack in the middle of my family time. The class thing has not yet worked for me (<-understatement). Online creative pals seem like the winning answer! Feel free to write me lilymane @ gmail (minus the spaces) and I'll check back with your blog, too. Nice to "meet" you. Peace!