Monday, February 18, 2008

Busy Brain

My little sweetheart Keera, my dog, will be having surgery Tuesday morning...possible cancer, we found a fast-growing growth that won't go she is probably having a horrible time at the vet's tonite...I cried for 2 hours this morning before I called the vet, had to get myself together long enough to explain her the vet and his office staff (Gaston Veteribnary Hospital - Dr. Suggs). I know she's in good hands, she just misses her family and her cat. If all goes well she will get to come home tomorrow evening, with one of those cone thingys on her, those are so funny looking...

It's starting to shape up that my presidential voting choices this year will be for mini-socialism or maxi-socialism (or a little socialism or a lot of socialism)...NOT GOOD CHOICES in my opinion.

Why does my son NOW want a haircut...when last week he wanted to wait for a month or so to get one? He's mad because I couldn't take him today. His hair (disaster) looks as bad today as it did last week...I bet a girl at school said something!

I am working on a shamrock wallhanging...hope to finish it this week...and I just discovered a ribbon-making site for baby hairbows!!!!! I am going to have fun with that and my GRANDGIRLS will love them.

For dinner tonite, I made an all veggie meal...why do veggies give me indigestion and meatloaf doesn't?

...I am not typing fast enough for the I will go read a book.....and pop a Rolaid.

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Anonymous said...

OH oh oh oh oh Zoomer and Auntie Bube Sandra are sending Maple Syrup Kisses and Maple Syrup Hugs for Miss Keera ... for a full recovery ... I hope we soon see a picture of her with a cone on her backside!!!