Tuesday, May 6, 2008

2 NEW Books for Me

I made my menu plan..and grocery list, I will
be trying out Sandra Lee's crock cooking this week...
I have an awful 'itch' to make bowls...lol. Altho she and her mom
are just zooming thru them, I hope she will be on call if I get
STUCK...are ya listening Jen?
I did start and make most of this in 2 days last week..then
I had an idea about the back...but didn't work so I am
going to try and get this finished tonite. It is to go over
the mantle in the den...the colorless (brown) room. I did
a lot of out-of-my-comfort-zone stuff with this and altho
it's nowhere near perfect...I LIKE it and I will be happy to
put it on my wall (maybe that's why they used to be
called the'rumpus' room) in the den, the comfy room.


Jen said...

Of course I'll be on call!! You're going to have sooo much fun!! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Sandra said...

Congrats on the new books - isn't it great to sit down and ogle the eye candy, and plan what to make ... aaaaaaaah fun!

I love your wild and crazy and FUN mantle cover and can't wait to see it jazzing up your mantle - I think you did a fabulous job :)

Anonymous said...

I see pulled pork in your future, LOL! I have the wrap book too. Many moons ago, I taught the method in Raleigh, some of these are really different, like the plates. I think that will be my first out of the book. Juju