Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Do-over, please

I made some Adorables ...aren't they sweet?
Lazy Girl Designs

I was going to tell you that I did not forget to blog....but I well, ....I forgot to blog. I have been working on different projects this week and I have them all over the house and just when I get on a roll and KNOW I will finish 'this' one today, I don't have what I need to I move on to something else, happened to me all week. (insert appropriate curse/frustration word here)

These are the meatball subs I made for dinner Tuesday night...they are HUGE
and this is only one plate of them, made on French bread...and the two bites I took
were DELISH....and then....I felt pain like I have never felt before...
I had broke a tooth or something because I was instantly dieing!!!! My mouth
went crazzeeee and I felt my blood pressure go up and away....the Burn didn't
know what to do, he thought I was having a seizure! I ran for HOT water with salt and swished my mouth for 30 minutes trying to get enough relief to be able to tell him
what was going on...finally I can go look in the mirror and one of my back bottom
molars had lost it's mind you, these fillings have lasted mom was a dental freak and I was at the dentist before I had teeth so believe me when I say
these were some GOOD fillings. But I forget how old I am and my new dentist never mentioned they might someday need replacing and all because I chowed down on some of the best meatballs I ever made. I will not be having meatball subs for a long time, if ever!

And now for 2 of my favorite has gotten really hot here
and Jiffy the Cat decided to snooze under the flower pot, while
I went in to take a shower with the ever refreshing Candy Cane
shower gel...oh, how I love that stuff and I am on my last bottle until
it comes out again next Christmas....

...such a rambling posty...but it's been a rambling, awkward, frustrating
kind of week.

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Sandra said...

1. Adorable Adorables!!
2. Yep, BTDT with assorted projects not being finished because I was missing *one* integral part - you DID get the Adorables done, tho, so all is no lost! Are they going in your 25week box?
3. I'll be right over for a meatball sub, but I don't want to find any silver fillings in mine, please - I prefer cheese!!! ;) Sorry about your tooth problem - pain on that level makes you want to crawl on the floor and die. Have you gotten the filling replaced yet?
4. I've never heard of that brand of bath products but the Candy Cane gel is surely pretty ... and Jiffy is an Adorable ... I mean Jiffy is adorable, as always, tucked in the shade enjoying life as only a cat can :) Hi sweetie!! Zoomer sends his regards!
I hope your week gets better, girlfriend --- sending you big {{{{{Karen}}}}} hugs!!