Friday, May 23, 2008

It's a beautiful 'thang'

...when a friend says do a pattern and it turns out as easy and cute as she said it would be!

go look at hers...they are so neat. The pattern is Hexagon Star tabletopper from the Jan/Feb issue of Fons and Porter's "Love of Quilting". Mine is not bound yet and I had a hard time right at first...BUT it was BLONDE error. Once I saw my mistake it was a breeze and cute...I just used some fabrics that were in my scrap bin...I may make some matching potholders and gift it!

I finished it ... now to make a few potholders to go with it.

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Sandra said...

I'm FAMOUS!!! Please feel free to send money, fabric charms, cat toys and dark chocolate to Sandra @ 665 Crazy Redhead Lane, Toronto, Ontario :D


Your tablerunner is GAWJESS (I said that with a southern accent, just for you), and I can't wait to see it finished. And on my table. Or in your gift box, if you must :) WE ROCK, Southern Spice!!!