Monday, August 17, 2009

I am such a stinker!

I have a friend (I won't call her out - Sandra) that told me over 5 years ago to just splash some Pine Sol around the house before my hubby came home and he would think I had been cleaning and working all every once in a while I do that and it does make his mood lighter when he gets home...well, this weekend I got sucked into watching all the drama on Big Brother and haven't done hardly any cleaning, so I decided to take Monday off, and go window shopping and maybe a little walking and have a cup of joe at the new coffee shop.

Came home and realized 'he' would be home in 10 I grabbed my Pine Sol and rubbed down the doorknobs in every smelled like I had cleaned all day! and yes , his mood was awesome as soon as he walked in even though the house is a wreck! I am lying in bed last night and I cannot stop giggling about the 'trick' and he's asking me what's going on...and I just mumbled my day was funny and gals gotta try this sometime... (my house is not filthy, there are some areas that need a good scrubbing but I do that like on a binge cleaning week, then I forgo it till next binge cleaning house is always in a craft uproar though...and I really need some TRICK MIRRORS to take care of that problem!


Barb said...

that is AWESOME! I'm definitely gonna have to try this ~ thanks.

cindi said...

if only i was able to do this to my craft room, unfortunately there is nothing that is gonna hide the fact that i do no cleaning up in there unless i'm looking for something that i need RIGHT NOW! haha...thanks for the laugh and i love the graphics on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Haha. That's an adorably deceptive. =D Perhaps it's something to do with the scent of the pine-sol itself? Kind of like smelling lavender makes people feel more relaxed and ready for bed?

kc_froglady said...

very sound advice but don't rat yourself out with the laughing and giggling! LOL

Sandra :) said...

don't be telling people my secrets, LOL!! I learned that trick from my beloved sister - it has served me well over the years, LOL!!! (And now I'm LOLing again - my verification word is "scram" !!!!! LOLOL!!!)

Lynn E said...

That is so funny I do that with bleach. It has to be clean if I used bleach right??? LOL

Khris said...

LMAO....what a great idea....must try that one day just to see the outcome...hehehehe
Hugs Khris

Anonymous said...