Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ok , I have to embrace the 'pink'

As a breast cancer survivor of 10 years plus, I am finally into pink. NOT because of BC...but because I have a 2yo instant granddaughter (after having 4 boys and no regular girlfriends of said boys) and my oldest son Patrick is expecting twin girls at any moment (still, the wait, Ohhh, the wait). I have never liked pink...unless it was with orange or red, meshed together in Peter Max style....but NOW I look at everything pink....and PINK is everywhere! I feel kinda awkward at this age doing pink, and it has driven the grandmother thing closer to home.

And speaking of other colors, I always loved red and purple together, when I was 20...I had red and purple pumps! Now I have a hard time with red and purple because of the Red Hat Ladies (don't get me wrong, it's a very cool group). Now that I am almost in the requirement age of the 'ladies', I am no longer enamored with red/purple....hmmmmm.

I used to do a lot of red and black but now I'm reminded of Nascar, I used to do turquoise and purple, but now that's like every NEW sports team in the past 5 goes on and on, I seem to have some color re-evaluating to do. What other combined colors remind you of things?

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Sandra said...

Hey Bella Bube Spice --- how's Keera doing?

Still waiting to hear "the news" - you must be antsy, and the kids must be beside themselves!! I can't wait!! :D

I'm off to embrace some purple and some pumpkin - aka the UFO pair, haha.

Flamingo hugs,
Auntie Bube Spice :D