Sunday, October 14, 2007

A little fall

We have a really nice lake and hiking area here in my small town. I went to walk the other day and there was NO ONE there but me, walked around lake twice and had to go to bathroom...but Ichickened out because the rest rooms were way in the woods (nice and clean), I mean very isolated and I scared my self thinking of all the horror movies of girls by themselves , if I had any brain I would have realized that they (monsters) only attack teen girls. So I drove back home to the potty.

The day was beautiful!!! I saw a turtle, a duck amongst a lot of geese who were in a very shallow part of the lake. There is a drought going on and they mucking through the mud. I spotted a few spiders, a few lizards and teeny tiny frog, and on the pier some small fishies, all at the top trying to find food...there were no bugs! The weather is hurting ALL of us. Praying for rain.
My favorite time of year. I am even starting to love it here, OK, maybe not love, but definately LIKE...I sure do miss the mountains. The hiking is great and the history of this area is awesome, so much to learn about stuff I thought I already knew (Revolutionary War, etc). Crowder Mountain...steep rock inclines, great trails that wind way up and then way down. Cliffhangers, I mean, rock climbers come and have 'maja' tests here. NICE. and scary....DO NOT look over the edge.

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