Wednesday, October 17, 2007


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the crappy layout,I still don't know how to do some stuff...





I Simply





There are




...goodness is what it will take for me to explain WHY I have so many unfinished (UFO"S) quilt tops....

My top 10 reasons:

  1. I am easily bored.

  2. I put too much on my plate (y'know the thing when you were a kid and you piled food on your plate, only to find after 4 bites, you were FULL

  3. I must have ADD, (2 of the 4 boys do, I inherited it)

  4. I rebelling against my mom and dad (they would be apalled)

  5. I forget...nuff said.

  6. It's easier to watch tv doing a new project than to watch tv finessing a project.

  7. I have no floor space to lay out and sandwich larger items w/o Jiffy (the cat) or Keera (the husky-mix) from deciding they LOVE it and have to check it out...and then stay on it....had a few where I layed out to finish and Jiffy decided to make them his he took a pee...bad, bad kitty and he NEVER does that except on those projects!

  8. I procrastinate, that's different from forgetting.

  9. My binding skills are not up to (my) par.

  10. I like having a future (I cannot die with things left to do, right?)

In all actuality, this makes me sad. Some people have seen these and are waiting on them, a few for YEARS!

There are 2 of some of these, and there are some I know I have, but couldn't find, and there are also some other crafty sewing projects that need finishing (I love my serger)...and I am really scared to look in the sewing room closet or on the wall shelves...unh, unh, NOT today.

I get plenty of other things done, including some quilts that I give away. I do well under pressure and a what EVIL has gotten hold of me? I don't even like half of these quilt tops anymore, that's how old some of these tastes and skills have changed. So my goal for each month is to knock out 3 of these until they are done...just in time for Christmas, and beyond....but I saw some really cute stuff to make for Christmas and the twins are due, and my National Guard son may want a blankie from home, and my nieces love batiks (as do I), and.....oooooh, I need a sedative, and maybe some counselling. I dare ya to actually take pics of your UFO's and see if it's not just a little freaky...let me know how may you have.


Belinda said...

I think your UFO's and quilt tops are wonderful! Just think of all the money you're going to save on Christmas gifts this year! ;) And all that quality time with your sewing machine will be a definite plus.

Your blog is great! It really made me smile, so I suspect that this will be popular very soon. :)

Jen said...

That top red and white and then the blue/green pineapple are my favorites out of the group. LOVE them all but those just sucked me right in.

If their perspective owners don't like them you can send them to....ME!!