Monday, October 8, 2007

chchchanges...if I could only sing

OMGoodness...Jamey is off to boot camp in's so cold there (compared to here). He seems ready and resigned, NUT! ...and the babies aren't here yet, Steph is still having contractions and I still have to finish baby quilts...and I think my puppy (read old) Keera is sick, we'll have to go to vet this week.
I am also a Breast Cancer survivor of over 10 years...I have in the past few years developed Fibromyalgia and it ain't pretty, it hurts and I also have Osteoarthritis and I'm not that wonder I have age issues. Anyway I found an awesome site today that lets us do a virtual walk for BC, and that works so well for me! Here is the link
Please check it out and walk with us..this is actually a 'fun' walk, no sweat!

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