Friday, July 11, 2008

Vintage aprons from my MOM

A few weeks ago I stayed with my grandmother while my (grandmother care-taker) parents tooks a much needed mini vacation. My grandmother told me a few stories I have not heard before concerning me and my brother ..but that's for a later post. What I did find at my mom's house while I was doing laundry was...a pile of old clothes of my mom's that she had taken out to wash and look at....made by my great-grandmother. I have seen pics of my mom in some of the dresses...and my mom was teeny beautiful redhead, and her clothes were always figure conscious and perfectly tailored...I always thought the awesome clothes were store-bought...WRONG. My great-grandmother made them...all of them! Pictures of those to come later too...the thing I have to show right now great-grandmother's aprons...we called her MOM...she always wore an apron and the pockets always had important stuff in them (like candy for me). I know there were way more aprons and I hope we can find them.

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Nicki Parker said...

Oh my goodness!! That is some beautiful treasure you found.....

Vintage aprons are just so wonderful, especially if they're from your own family!