Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whoo...time flies

Because I lost my license (somewhere in my house) I had to go get a duplicate license this morning. Last time it took 30 it took 2 and a half HOURS! The place was packed! I'm not sure why, but most everyone I talked to had plans to come yesterday and decided today would be better...hahaha, NOT. And while I am talking about the DL office...why do they ALL look the same? If I had not known what town I was in...I would have sworn I was in Asheville, or Wilmington, or Gastonia, or Durham (all the places I have previously gotten licenses). All NC ones must look the same...I am sure they were all built at the same time and obviously by the same people! After making some life-long friendships AND finding a nice plumber, I went off to ..... VOTE Not many people were there...until I finished my paperwork...and then the place was packed...everyone was so nice and having a great time and I LOVE voting Tuesday I am sure they won't smile and laugh quite as much...before I left my pic was snapped and we downloaded it to my phone so I could post it...I look a little sneaky if you ask me and maybe I feel that early seems a little sneaky! But I can get on with my life for a week ...came home and didn't feel like cleaning or sewing I decided to BAKE ...I used a new biscotti recipe that I won't use sounded so good, Chocolate-Cherry Biscotti..mmmmm, but well I need to find another one, they look great, but the taste, no...they can be way better. So off to find my old chocolate biscotti recipe and make them the right way! I also made a few doctor's appts...I got my son in tomorrow (shock) to check on his deep-sounding chest cough (and he came home from school and his left side is hurting) ...I had pluracy as a child and I sure hope that's not his problem ...I'm guessing pneumonia...but he has no fever...hmmmm. I also made my 1000th cancer check-up...ok, exagerating...but it feels like my flu shot in the morning...and that's just the start. I'll have to call dentists and gyno docs tomorrow. I remember telling my parents a few years ago that all they ever do is dash out the door to a drs appt...and now here I am...always dashing out the door for a drs appt. Blecch!


Sandra :) said...

MMmmmmmmmmmmmmm I'm coming to your house for biscotti!! Not once have my Italian in-laws served that particular delightful treat when I've been around - I wish they'd get off the pot and biscotti properly!! :D

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I voted early too. Like last week! Nice to have it done! ;) The biscotti looks so good! Yum

Shannon said...

Funny about the DL offices. Ours was involved in a scandal and is down to a skeleton crew so it takes even LONGER to get something done. Why do they all act like they hate their jobs? Don't get me started on the tag offices, lol.