Saturday, March 28, 2009

A walker bag

My little grandmother is 93 or 94...I can't be sure, she used to fib about She is now having to use a I made her a walker bag. She can carry all her 'stuff" with her now. Water, tissues, $$, candy, socks...she'll probably throw her purse in there!!!! OR she'll ask me why I didn't make it big enough to carry her purse...she's still a feisty one! I will be going up Tuesday to see her...and spend the night... I used velcro on the handles. I need to add the buttons on the tabs or maybe some yo-yos.

1 comment:

Sandra :) said...

Nice walker bag - yoyo's would be pretty! I hope Grandma likes her new bag :) Feisty is good - feisty keeps you young!