Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good Nite Miss Agnes

I bet you thought I was off having fun...over a month ago I caught some funky flu-like thing, then the babies came and visited, then I was left with the FIBRO FUNKY, and then I had to catch up with real life!...and I know there is a bunch of stuff in between there...I haven't been able to type for a few weeks...doctors seem to think carpal tunnel and arthritis, but then they don't have fibromyalgia and it's symptoms are very wierd. I can type for short periods of time now...and I can sew for small spurts and can't write at all (well, if you want to read it that is).

I am back and hope to play some...I did find that I was spending waaaaaay too much time on the computer. Last fall I had started doing my own daily devotionals, then I started substituting my devotional time with reading spiritual blogs and posts from some very lovely people. I was at a place where I wasn't reading or studying at all by myself (well, me and God)...and this week I had an epiphany...I HAVE to do my devotionals and one-on-one time with God mind stays much clearer and my brain functions better and I like me better when I know myself and what God wants me to the blogs I find so spiritually helpful will be read when I have 'extra' time.

I think I'm on my way back to the goofy woman that my family and friends all know (and love???). See ya some great 'nature center photos to share and some grown-up grandbabies AND some cool things I made when my hands won't work...! and we won't mention that quilty thing I was supposed to have finished...I'm just not ready to own up to the failure yet.

I started this post last week and just finished today...


Arizona said...

Hello :) your blog looks now really full of summer :) I like it

Sandra :) said...

No, we won't mention the quilty project we were BOTH supposed to have finished by now --- we didn't "fail" - we just postponed our success!! ;)

Miss you *smooch* :)