Friday, May 21, 2010


My house is in complete disarray (my new fav   word)...and just found out the grandbabies are coming to stay with me...and I lost my camera either in my house or someone swiped it, cannot remember where i saw it after Sunday...crap, cannot afford a new camera!  BBL


Sandra :) said...

Isn't that your camera over there under the newspapers? No, not *there* ... *THERE*!!! *pointing* :D

How long are the girls staying for - better get some crafts ready to keep them entertained, lol! Take 'em outside with some homemade playdough and bubbles - they'll love it!

Barb said...

That really sucks that you can't find your camera. I think I loose mine on a regular basis. It's about time for a new one (that I can't afford either) cause I dropped mine last night and it's acting pretty quircky!
Have a great time with the grandbabies. I'm going to see mine today!!!!