Saturday, June 11, 2011


With all of Zach's sicknesses that caused so many absences this year, he chose not to graduate and to go and make up his classes in the, on the one hand, yay, my last baby boy will stay home with me for a little longer and on the other hand, "what is wrong with YOU?" (keeps going through my head!).  He is a very confident and different child and I really am learning 'following the beat of your own drummer' the kiddo though and he will be fine on his terms.

Patrick has been home from Afghanistan for a few months now and he's having so much fun with his daughters and wifey....and the bunnies have been busy...WE ARE PREGGO AGAIN....maybe we will get a boy (I already dreamed it was there)!

Jamey and Mike are also doing their own thing and being uber independent.  I miss little boys...but they have to grow up and away.

Lucy is the action in the house...such a toddler dog...gets into everything and spoiled rotten and she makes Kim smile a that dog!!!

I have loads of projects started, as usual...and finding the space and time is getting harder...I thought I was supposed to have more time in this part of life...HA!

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Sandra :) said...

Here we call that doing a VICTORY LAP! Probably 15-20% of kids graduating grade 12 go back for another semester or two - a lot of them just need that extra 6 months or a year - whether it's to pick up a couple of courses or improve grades or just to have an extra year to mature. Really they're still so young at that stage - only 17 or 18 - still a kid! Our oldest wanted to do a victory lap when he graduated, but it was only so he could play football for another semester, lol. He ended up getting accepted into his apprenticeship a few days after graduation (2007) so he's now only a year away from getting licensed :)

I'm sure Zach just needs that extra bit of time to get ready for adulthood - he'll be fine :D