Friday, September 5, 2008

I love apron swaps!

I received my Fall Sassy apron's so neat. I absolutely love the color and fabric...and if anyone can identify and tell me what the fabric name and manufacturer is I would be so grateful! Jennifer S...thank you, thank you, thank you...and for the Cranberry pie recipe love. love. (I sound like Rachel Zoe there).

...and look at the cool ribbon/button and applique embellishments!

I am also going to show the apron I made for my partner...I have never made one this style and was so excited how it turned out! I will make this one again! She should get it today.
Thanks for the swap fun...and I have to get back to sewing now...lots of projects to make...


Yarni Gras! said...

both aprons are so cute! I can't post the one I made partner hasn't rec'd it.

Jenny said...

That fabric was purchased at JoAnn in their home decor section. I think it's just a JoAnn brand of home decor - they have so many fun patterns in that section!

I'm so glad that you liked the apron. It was so much fun to make!