Thursday, December 4, 2008


It amazes me how I can disappear for a month...

My computer effed up and then all my kids came, left, and came back...

computer got fixed and the kids are due again...

so after this weekend I won't be on here again but

you will find me hovered over my sewing machine and

hopefully NOT being trampled in the shopping store frenzy.

And now for some of the prettiest babies in the world..
and some of the people they belong to...TA DA!
I think Olivia and Haley are discussing the dysfunctional family!
MY mom and Haley and Olivia...can u believe she's a great-grandmother??

These are the MEN in the hubs, my 4 boys, my brotha, and my daddy.


Sandra :) said...

LOLOL technology is great when it works, but it's most annoying when it doesn't!

I don't think I've seen a picture of all your boys before - what a great (testosterone laden) picture! Of course, the girls are adorable too - and great grandma looks very pleased with herself!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

What beautiful family pictures! My youngest kids are identical twin 14!

Anonymous said...

hi! nice to see pics of your family.
twins are so sweet :)

tina / sweden

jen duncan said...

Hi Bella- Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I see in this post that your blessings are many! You must smile all the time. :-)